hey friends, i'm cam.

believer. coffee lover. creative. enneAgram 7.

I'm a fan of all things adventure, coffee, food, travel, style, rom-com's, theology and sit-com's. When I am not creating magic with you, I am likely with my friends in Waco, TX cooking, watching sunsets or drinking wine. I am an enneagram 7 wing 8 if that means anything to you!

When I wasn't playing sports growing up, I was dreaming about New York City, Fashion, Vogue and Cinema. God has placed within me a deep joy in learning about people's stories. In the past 6 years I've been storytelling with my camera and I can't get enough.

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Creating a space for you to feel connected to your loved one, business, or goals/dreams is really important to me.


I am committed to celebrating and lifting high the diversity/uniqueness of your story, your beauty, and your life. I also value diversity in images. I do not just want to deliver you an entire gallery that looks and feels the same with each image. I want to create magic in each image through the way I navigate storytelling. I am able to accomplish that through digital and film (35mm, 120mm, polaroids).


 I am here to do what I do best, be your hype queen! Not just the day of but from the day you book with me and every day after. I strive to have your cup overflowing during and after with confidence in yourself and in your partner. This is what makes my job so fun, witnessing your individuality and watching it come to life!

what makes me, me. 



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I offer just digital, just film, or a combination of both! I personally value the diversity/variety that film has to offer and love the way it compliments the digital photos in a gallery. If you value diversity/variety over uniformity that may be the right choice for you too! Once you tell me your photography need, we can discuss if adding film in your package is the right decision for you! Everyone is different and I am here to serve you and make your dreams come true!

Of course! There is not a one-size-fits-all when it comes to a wedding day. I have a few different options for you to choose from and can give you a quote once you contact me!

Q & A

Can I customize my wedding package?

Should I include Film images in addition to the Digital images?

What are my non wedding services? 

Whatever you need, I can do it! I offer family sessions, newborn, pregnancy, college grads, high school seniors, engagements, proposals, couples photos. Most of those sessions I offer here will last an hour. Sometimes, all you need is 15 or 30 minutes and I can fit those in as well and those would be considered a "mini-session". Inquire for more information on your options!

How will you deliver my photos?

You will receive an email from me that is a digital, high-resolution gallery. You will have the option to download the entire gallery, or just the specific photos you want to use. You will always have access to your private gallery. If you decide you want to print my work and hang some photos in your house, then there is an option to purchase prints from my online store which is attached to the gallery you receive.

When will I receive photos?

Regardless of the type of shoot, you will always receive sneak peeks back in 24 hours! I don't like waiting and I don't want you to have to wait long either. I desire to get you quality work back in a reasonable amount of time. I want you to be able to post and share with your family in a timely manner. I will get you gallery back within 3-5 business days. However, with weddings, due to the large amount of time spent together, I will need more time to get you your full gallery back. Weddings will take 5-10 weeks. Also, I give complimentary polaroid photos to you at the end of your shoot so you have something to take home with you the day of!